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"The added value of a company is to be different, develop different processes, do things differently than other companies and the world. Therefore it is necessary to have software that meets your needs exactly. This is the added value of our service, BUILD SOLUTIONS TO THE MEASURE ..."

Development Service

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Web Development

Since the arrival of the Internet we live in a globalized and hyperconnected world, with web development now you can take your systems to another level, accessing them from anywhere and from any device without losing the security of your information, given that the website is very high security.

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Development of Apps

If we talk about the future it is very obvious that every day we are further away from the computer and closer to the cell phone, that is why companies are rapidly migrating to the App's, at HOME we make your company come to the world of App's very easily.

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Development of Desktop and Integrations

Sometimes companies have desktop applications which work very well and do not want to change them yet, but if you want to improve them or correct problems, well, here we are. Do you need to integrate your systems ?, Do you need to integrate new reports ?, etc. Well, here we are.

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We build innovative custom solutions

We are the technological partner of your company


Our development is tailored and our plans are too.
Plans for all needs.

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Outsourcing plan

We can become your development department

  • Six-monthly / annual contracts
  • Development and support
  • Management of agile and traditional methodologies
  • Development in different platforms
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By project

Completely new developments

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Bag of hours

Buy hours of development and use them when you need

Our development process

Simple but effective

  • 1

    Requirements taking

    In this stage we listen to the needs, requirements, ideas and document everything with examples, documents, scenarios, etc.

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  • 2

    Design of Work Plan

    We design the proposal of our solution, once approved we build a work plan with a chronogram.

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  • 3

    Analysis / Design / Development / Testing

    This stage is a cycle where the problem is analyzed and a solution is designed, then the solution is developed, this solution must be validated, once validated, the quality tests are carried out. And the cycle begins again for another stage, until the project is completed.

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  • 4

    Deployment in production

    When everything is ready and approved, we proceed to install the project in a ready-to-use production environment.

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Software has emerged as a key differentiator in many products — from cars to washing machines to thermostats

Dibbe Edwards - As IBM vice president


Our Development capabilities

In Home our team has extensive capabilities and experience in various programming languages, frameworks, databases and other tools.